The Master Chief: A Character Study – Halo: CE

“I think we’re just getting started…” The Master Chief… There’s been quite a bit of discussion over the last few weeks, following Frank O’Connor’s stated intentions of doubling down on the Chief focus in Halo 6 – but the angle from which he spoke about that particular ‘lesson learned’ from Halo 5 left me somewhat concerned. […]

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Ruminations on Halo: Reach

Described as a “swan song” for Bungie’s time with the Halo universe, Halo: Reach has an interesting and thorny legacy in the community. In many ways, it is a beautiful coalescence of all the systems that Bungie built during their decade with Halo — an irrevocably impressive offering of campaign, multiplayer, custom games, Forge, Theatre, extensive customisation, file […]

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