Halo Infinite – Everything We Learned From Outpost Discovery

The next movement of the odyssey in the Master Chief’s saga may still be a while away from dropping out of slipspace, but by no means are we totally in the dark as to what awaits us on Installation 07.

Over the summer, Halo: Outpost Discovery toured across the US, and 343 Industries has very kindly uploaded some of the panels that were held at the event.

I thought it well worth plundering these sources for information and insights into what’s to come in Halo Infinite, and see how my faith has been rewarded…

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Mendicant Bias… is Ancient Human

“One thought for all eternity,” said Mendicant Bias. His tone sounded almost wistful. Now the lights were fading, flickering, going dark. “Atonement.” With the eight year wait for Halo Wars 2 now approaching¬†eight days, heralding the long-awaited, long-theorised return to the Lesser Ark, I felt it was time to return to a bit of theorycrafting […]

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