On the Flood’s Endgame

Motives and goals are the key to any conflict, though the endgame, what everything is building towards, may not always be clear. You might think it strange that I’m choosing the Flood, of all foes, as an example of this. Surely, you say, their goal is singularly to just infect everything and everyone, right? Yes, you’re […]

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On the Librarian, Vanity, and Reclamation

We’ve covered some interesting topics recently, wouldn’t you agree? Forerunner architecture, the ever-present ambiguities of the connection between humans and Forerunners, the San’Shyuum and their potential role in the Reclaimer Saga’s future… There’s a common theme in all of these posts. Forerunners. I have no end of things to talk about when it comes to […]

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On Forerunner Architecture

The Forerunners lived as a space-faring race for over ten million years, their population likely numbering in the hundreds of billions. They were a genetically and culturally diverse people, with their Ecumene spanning over three million worlds. And yet, some people think that their architectural style is singular, uniform… that it has just remained the […]

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Destiny – Dinklage Ex Machina

So, it has been some 4 years now since Bungie last released a game, and ever since the mention of a new IP being developed by one of the great titans of the industry, people have been eager to see what was in store. (Console-exclusive content! Pre-order bonuses! The firing of grizzled ancients!) The beta was […]

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Halo and Disabled Representation

Here’s something a bit different… You may recall back in January that I mounted a feminist defence and analysis of Cortana (something which I ardently stand by), and the other day I was thinking about other societal issues and how they’re presented in Halo. Of course, one of the main ones that came to mind […]

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Destiny – Beta Impressions

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, bridge, or some variation of the sort, you’ll be well aware that Bungie released a beta for their upcoming game Destiny. Having invested a significant amount of time playing it, and having had a few days to collect my thoughts, I thought I’d write up my impressions of […]

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Halo 5 – The Ark Theory

You may recall last October that I made a lengthy post on this subject which covered a few basic areas of where I think the story of the next Halo game is going to go (Halo: Xbox One – What’s Going To Happen?). Time has passed since then, in that time we’ve had quite a bit […]

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