Why I’m excited for the Halo TV show

After seven long years, the Halo TV show is finally within sight.

Over the last year, we’ve been slowly seeing more and more tidbits of news about the show trickle out, following what feels like millennia of “It’s coming, stay tuned!”

Last November, it was announced that the cast had assembled, the table reads completed, and production was ready to begin – and nothing, not even the Flood could stop it! (How naive we were about all things 2020…)

Given all this additional free time that it’s now our civic duty to observe, I thought I’d share some of my own thoughts on the potential of this series and why I’m excited for it.

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Ah, the obligatory opening post designed to attract and encourage people to read on… It’s like picking up a book for the first time, opening the front page and deciding whether it’s compelling enough to get you reading – keep you going through to the last page (and many potential sequels). One of the aspects […]

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