The Last of Us Part 2 – Let’s talk about violence, queer narratives, and revenge

The year is 2020. The era of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is coming to an end, the next generation is just months away…

Can Naughty Dog deliver a sequel to one of their most beloved games with a story worth telling, that challenges us, and pushes storytelling in the medium of video games forward?

Can lightning strike twice with The Last of Us Part 2?

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Why I’m excited for the Halo TV show

After seven long years, the Halo TV show is finally within sight.

Over the last year, we’ve been slowly seeing more and more tidbits of news about the show trickle out, following what feels like millennia of “It’s coming, stay tuned!”

Last November, it was announced that the cast had assembled, the table reads completed, and production was ready to begin – and nothing, not even the Flood could stop it! (How naive we were about all things 2020…)

Given all this additional free time that it’s now our civic duty to observe, I thought I’d share some of my own thoughts on the potential of this series and why I’m excited for it.

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Halo 5, Cortana, and Ableism

Continuing the interlude between the Master Chief character analysis articles and the upcoming Halo Wars 2 level-by-level analysis is something that I’m sure isn’t going to be popular with a number of people – but, of course, if we were to restrict ourselves to ‘popular’ perspectives, there’d be nothing interesting to discuss. It’s been a while […]

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Cortana, Dead or Alive?

I hardly think that I need to remind any of you about the emotionally soul-shattering ending of Halo 4 to preface this topic… but I’m going to preface this topic by reminding you of the emotionally soul-shattering ending of Halo 4 anyway. No, wait! Come back!

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Game of Thrones – THAT Scene…

Since I live in the UK, I have the misfortune of having to stay up until 2am every Sunday to catch the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Generally it’s considered a bad thing to be as sleep-deprived as I occasionally am, but in my mind it’s worth staying up for and last night’s episode […]

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Halo 4 – A Feminist Study of Cortana

A topic that is greatly important to me – as a writer, as a believer in equality, and as a fan of this franchise – is how Halo 4 reads as a feminist text with regards to Cortana.

Cortana has long been the subject of a fair bit of controversy in this regard, and I want to address this subject to provide a substantial argument for why I feel that Halo 4 has the most feminist portrayal of Cortana in the series.

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