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Gears of War 4 and Halo 4 – A Study of Prologues

A PROLOGUE TO AN ARTICLE ON PROLOGUES… At the beginning of an article, I write a short introduction that seeks to inform you about the content I’m going to cover and also some of the context behind why I have … Continue reading

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The Master Chief: A Character Study – Halo 4

“Our duty, as soldiers, is to protect humanity… whatever the cost.” Last year, I wrote three articles exploring the Master Chief’s characterisation in the original Halo trilogy – not just about his journey through the games, but the way in which … Continue reading

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“You’re not the only one here because of him.” – What if Jameson Locke was in Halo 3?

16 November 2552 ONI EYES ONLY OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE CONFIDENTIAL //AMICO ET INIMICO?// //URGENT// ADM. M. O. PARANGOSKY ‘VADAMEE Margaret, Considering the circumstances of impending extinction, I’ll be brief. Two months ago, I compiled a target profile on Supreme … Continue reading

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343’s Growing Problem with Halo’s Endings

MIDNIGHT The ornate edifice of the Didact’s combat skin shook and sputtered as the pulse grenade overloaded his systems, and the Master Chief fell at the ancient Forerunner’s feet on the hard-light bridge. A moment lingered between them, from behind … Continue reading

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Meeting Your Heroes – The Day of the Doctor (Who Book Signing)

Yesterday was something of a fever dream to me. In fact, I’m convinced that I’ll wake up at some point and discover that the following events were entirely fictional – merely a product of my desires as both a writer … Continue reading

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Mantle’s End – What the Forerunners did AFTER Halo (and where they are now…)

“And those who made the rings? What happened to the Forerunners?” One hundred thousand years ago, a great and terrible civilisation achieved technological dominance. They appointed themselves as the galaxy’s rulers, imposing a chastening peace over their protectorates for countless … Continue reading

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Rise of Atriox, Issue #5 – Review

“Brute chief, Jovus, believes himself the most dangerous brute in the galaxy. But Atriox’s fearsome legend has reached even the most distant UNSC outpost. When the two brutes come face to face, their clash shapes the future of the Banished.” … Continue reading

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