Hello, I see you’ve stumbled upon this ‘about’ part of the blog where I’m supposed to provide some information about myself for you.

Long story short: I’m an aspiring teacher and writer who cares far too much about fictional universes.

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  1. I can’t wait to read your analysis of Halo 5. The ending is world changing for the franchise and waiting for Halo 6 is going to be even more painful than waiting for Halo 5 was. The Chief and Cortana story is going somewhere that I never could have predicted and that has me very excited. It’s the first Halo game to surprise me since the release of the flood in Halo CE. So much of what I considered static about Halo and it’s characters has been shattered and for that I think 343i deserve accolades. Plus the gameplay is itself is probably the the most refined in the series. Looking forward to your impressions and thoughts.

  2. Any chance you’ll write an essay on the shared themes of Mendicant Bias and Neo Cortana and Halo’s special brand of redemption that echos throughout its expanded fiction? I’d really love it if you did.

  3. I’d love to read your thoughts on Cortana’s status in Halo 5 and beyond. To me it’s like she’s been reborn and is like a child. She has God like power, but her naivety has trapped her in the kind of hubris that we all grow out of on our way to adulthood. She believes what she is doing is right because, like a child, she never considered she could be wrong. The implications of this are world changing for Halo. While I believe that John can save her from herself and they will be allies again, her newly founded race will almost certainly be a threat without her. Halo 5 surprised me with it’s world altering ending and I haven’t been surprised by Halo since the release of the Flood in Halo CE. 343i deserves accolades for daring to go where no one expected. I look forward to your analysis of Halo 5.

  4. Do you think it’s possible that the Cortana featured in Halo 5 is one of the broken Cortana’s that the original Cortana split off from herself to fight the Didact in Halo 4? If so we could see Master Chief hunting down the original Cortana to stop her broken sister.

  5. Absolutely love and commend your in-depth Halo 5 analysis, and feel many similiar opinions. Nice to see somebody care it feels like I do about the fate of Halo story. Rock on

  6. Have you considered a level analysis for Halo CE, 2, or 3 ? Really enjoyed the Halo 4 analysis, and enjoyed the Halo 5 analysis even though the game was disappointing.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed them 🙂

      I have considered doing it for Halo 2 and ODST in the past, as they’re the ones that I think are most deserving of that kind of analysis. That said, I don’t really have any plans to go through with that in the near future – I’ve got the Halo Wars 2 level-by-level analysis to do later this year and a whole bunch of other things rattling about inside my head, demanding to be written. You’ll definitely see individual articles on particular topics from all of those games though.

      1. I would agree Halo 2 is most deserving as it’s my favourite Halo campaign, (or possibly tied with Halo 4, especially because of what the forerunner saga books added to the story).

        Also the Requiem ruminations made me even more disappointed with Halo 5. Agree with all points made.

  7. I just finished Retribution and had an idea: What if Cortana of Halo 5 is actually not Cortana, but an aspect of Intrepid Eye posing as Cortana? It would neatly explain away many of the awful shenanigans of Halo 5… And it would even make sense in a lot of ways.

  8. This is in response to your article: Two Corpses, One Grave – On Halo 3 and the Gravemind:
    When you say “The result comes of as almost frustratingly comical, as it further discredits the Gravemind as a threatening antagonist because it is so ridiculously adamant about not killing the only two people it needs to kill.” I would argue based on Flood intentions originating from Precursor’s intent to find a species to inherit the mantle (they chose humanity over the forerunners before the forerunners hunted them to near extinction) that the Gravemind would leave the Arbiter and the Chief alive as he sees them as examples of worthy specimens of their species to inherit the mantle. This would be supported by a quote from some book(if you look you should be able to find it on Halopedia), in which a Flood Gravemind references how they will ‘test’ humanity in the future, and since Gravemind is synonymous with a Precursor, you can see how I make this connection. This I believe gives valid reasoning for the Gravemind not to immediately kill the Arbiter and the Chief.

    1. That is lore that came over half a decade after Halo 3, though. Primordium and Silentium released in 2012-13, under completely different writers and a completely different studio.

      We can attempt to retroactively apply it, but it doesn’t make the Gravemind’s actions in Halo 3 any less… well, stupid, really.

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