So, I’ve been hired by 343…

A new beginning…

Over eight years ago, I started a silly little blog to write about the storytelling and lore of a niche, little-known series called Halo.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people from the community and making friends for a lifetime, flying out to Seattle to visit 343 and Bungie, becoming part of the Forerunner council for Halo Infinite, interviewing authors, meeting up with Neil Davidge in London, and this site is just a stone’s throw away from a million hits…

And this was also in no small way part of my entrance into becoming a game developer myself back in 2019, which brings us to where I’m going next.

This week, I begin the next step of my journey as a Community Writer at 343 Industries.

(Even typing those words, it still doesn’t feel real to have walked the path of Ascendant Justice…)

It has been an honour and a pleasure to be part of this community, through all our ups and downs, and I’m excited beyond words to be a part of where we’re going next as Halo Infinite is just days away from release.

Obviously this means that the Haruspis blog will be going on an indefinite hiatus, and PREVIOUSLY ON HALO will be slightly reframed as a catch-up guide to the first two decades of Halo fiction rather than an ongoing project.

Thank you all for this incredible journey that, after twenty years, really does feel like it’s just getting started.

See you all on Zeta Halo.

16 thoughts on “So, I’ve been hired by 343…

  1. Silly? Little? Yet another outrage-inducer from Infinite! These essays – bless your heart – truly made me feel like other people were just as invested in the universe of Halo and not just the gameplay. The painstakingly detailed contrasts, the exquisitely structured arguments, and the delightful, heart-warming interviews, they have been majestic.

    You are, shit, you are actually going to be a part of the amazing team who takes care of the Halo universe, and this all seems so dreamlike that it has to be real. I am so very pleased to hear your enthusiasm has led you to this point.

    Thank you for everything, it’s been a blast, and see you on Zeta Halo, feet first.

  2. Ah shit, congratulations! I’m a fairly new fan of yours, having learned about your blog just last year when I got back into Halo in a big way during lockdown. I was immediately impressed by your writing style, attention to detail, and undeniable love of the franchise and lore, and have been checking the main haruspis blog and PoH regularly ever since. Hope 343 treats you right and can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!

  3. So happy for you! This sounds like an amazing next step along The Path, and you’re certainly qualified for the position! I hate to think we will be hearing less from you, but thank you for the terrific work you’ve done here over the past 8 years! See you in the stars.

  4. Ohhohoho congratulations! Amazing seeing such an awesome community member actually be hired on like this. Good luck with your new career <3

  5. I found this site many years ago when Halo 5 released and was dashed by a campaign that left me wondering about where the series was going. Spending many hours and days upon days pouring over the blog reading the Halo 4 and 5 campaign overviews I was hooked and you gave me a MUCH bigger appreciation for all things Halo. You have a passion, drive, and talent that is oft unmatched and I wish you all the best in this new endeavor. Thank you for everything and congratulations!

  6. That’s fantastic news, congratulations! How long before we get those five little Halo 5 shorts into canon? 😄 (If I can only have one, I think it’ll have to be the Halsey and Palmer story…)

  7. Love that little Ascendant Justice shout out!! Always saw you as carrying the torch. Congrats dude! Hearing this just makes me think the universe is fitting together in one small way.

  8. On one hand, I’m sad to hear we might not get lengthy breakdowns of character beats from Infinite. Your Halo4 essays are my absolute favorite.
    On the other, Im so glad to hear your passion has finally paid off, and a fellow Halo 4 fan now has creative input in this amazing world. You absolutely deserve it. Thanks for the heartwarming essays and the new Halo website.
    Looking forward to whatever comes next.

  9. Played Halo 5 with you at random at the same time I discovered your page on Tumblr. Used to be Wolf 0f Steel on Xbox, not sure if you remember me but when I saw your name on the list of 343 helpers I remembered you. Congrats.

  10. That’s amazing and I’m happy for you. I have to ask, now that you’re on the inside. Please. Bring us a veto system. Lol

  11. Congratulations Haruspis! I know us lore fanatics and the community as a whole are in for a great many new things and in excellent hands! I look forward to all you do and if you have the time surprise us all with a novel I know it will be a best seller world-wide.

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