FUDcast #28 – Halo: Renegades, ‘Forerunner Dynamite Fishing’ (feat. Me!)

Oh, hello!

It’s been about a month since Halo: Renegades released and Kelly Gay’s latest foray into the Halo universe has given the lore community plenty to discuss.

As such, Dave and Dani of Forward Unto Dawn invited me onto their podcast (again!) to discuss some of the intriguing developments that came from this story – mysteries that have been building up for almost a decade…Here’s a link to Forward Unto Dawn’s page for the podcast, which gives you various listening options depending on your preference (whether you’d rather listen to it on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, or on the page itself).

I personally have a preference for YouTube, which I’ve put below.

This isn’t the first time I’ve appeared as a guest on this podcast either.

In 2017, I discussed Matt Forbeck’s Halo: Legacy of Onyx, as well as the oral history article from VICE by Steve Haske – ‘The Complete, Untold History of Halo.’

If an hour-and-a-half of me isn’t enough for you (and that truly is more than enough), find those two linked below too.


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