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Two Corpses, One Grave – On Halo 3 and the Gravemind

Ah, Halo 3… This is something that I have seldom talked about beyond a few vague mentions in the past. Not for any particular reason, though it’s probably worth noting that I don’t have what one might call the most popular … Continue reading

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Human Weakness – Ruminations On Cortana

Remember how I said that I was intending to write more positive Halo pieces? Well, I started out on the right track. I went back to older fiction with the intent of looking for some lore to analyse and discuss, thinking that … Continue reading

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – A Narrative Appraisal

What’s this? A non-Halo post? Yes, once upon a time, I did not write exclusively about Halo, which ended after September in 2014 – shortly following the one year anniversary of this blog. It’s been almost three and a half years for me … Continue reading

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