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Reimagining Jul ‘Mdama’s Fate

As those of you who kept up with my Halo 5 postmortem articles know, this is a subject that I have rather a lot to say about. While I’ve already discussed and analysed the matter of Jul ‘Mdama’s death and my alternate … Continue reading

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On the Organon, the Domain’s Origins, and the Precursors

Another week, another new Halo release, another loaded topic of esoteric ancient era lore to talk about… As if Mythos wasn’t enough, just earlier this week we saw the release of the new anthology novel, Halo: Fractures. With it came … Continue reading

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Subtlety and Nuance – Reimagining Halo 5’s Cortana

I can give (have given) you over forty thousand reasons why I abhor Cortana’s portrayal in Halo 5… I scorn it because the writers’ dishonesty was disproportionate to their suggested story. I spite it because it forced the premature shutdown of half a dozen … Continue reading

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Mythos: The Curator, the Domain, and the Ark

As of today, Halo: Mythos has officially released, but this post was actually written just under a week before today because it won’t release for another month for us poor lore peasants in the UK and one or two lovely people who got it early … Continue reading

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